Assistant Instructors

Mr. J.Todesco - Tecumseh TKD Vice President

Mr. Todesco started Taekwon-Do like most parents, sitting on the bench watching his 6 year old son learn his basic patterns. After about a year of watching from the sidelines, he decided that a better use of his time would be to participate with his son. That was in 1999 and Mr. Todesco has been at it ever since. He is now a 4th degree black belt and the Vice President of the club. Mr. Todesco ensures that all our kids have a tremendous amount of fun while learning Taekwon-Do!!

Mr. B.Scott, 3rd Degree

Ms. M.Speranza, 2nd Degree

Mr. D.Gray, 2nd Degree - Tecumseh TKD Treasurer

Mr. P.Kwan, 2nd Degree - Tecumseh TKD Community Service Coordinator

Mr. D.Glenday, 2nd Degree

Ms. N.Konelsky, 1st Degree

Ms. K.Balderson, 1st Degree