Assistant Instructors

Mr. J.Todesco, 4th Degree, Tecumseh TKD Vice President

Mr. Todesco started Taekwon-Do like most parents, sitting on the bench watching his 6 year old son learn his basic patterns. After about a year of watching from the sidelines, he decided that a better use of his time would be to participate with his son. That was in 1999 and Mr. Todesco has been at it ever since. He is now a 4th degree black belt and the Vice President of the club. Mr. Todesco ensures that all our kids have a tremendous amount of fun while learning Taekwon-Do!!

Mr. B. Scott, 4th Degree

Mr. D. Gray, 2nd Degree, Tecumseh TKD Treasurer

Ms. N. Konelsky, 2nd Degree

Ms. K. Balderson, 2nd Degree

Mr. P. Kwan, 2nd Degree

Ms. M. Speranza, 2nd Degree

Mr. D. Glenday, 2nd Degree